"That's a beautiful product!!!"

Providing high quality seasonings for over
35 years!
Jack was not happy until he came up with the perfect seasoning. He experimented with different spices until he found the perfect combination, not too salty and not too spicy, which received his verbal stamp of approval, "That's a beautiful product!!!"

Due to the popularity of Jack's seasoning salt and seasoning flour, we continue to produce and sell both products through this web site or through Red Flame Catering. To have either or both of these seasoning products shipped directly to your door please click on the Prices & Contact link at the top of the page, and we will promptly ship your order.
Jack Brimhall started as a meat cutter at an early age. In 1973 he made the bold decision to purchase the Red Flame Restaurant which he operated until 1998, when he decided to downsize the operation to just a catering and take out service. The only food service experience he had was his in depth knowledge of meat. He always took great pride in the quality of the meat he served in the restaurant. His reputation for quality meat seasoned to perfection earned him the well-deserved title of Prime Rib King.

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